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Divine Mother Foundation

Where Mother is Always At Home



Making an Impact Across the Globe

It is our great honor to introduce to you a new practical aspect of our precious CMA knowledge: The Divine Mother Foundation.

The Divine Mother Foundation is the suggested way for CMA’s donors to directly and concretely assist others in need of basic necessities and provide a direct practical avenue for spiritual aspirants to pay homage to the universal Divine mothers and simultaneously uplift women in need of basic fundamentals around the globe.

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Global Support System

Through guidance from the Master Angels™ and the direct help of the angelic realm, CMA wants to support humanity on all levels.

The Master Angels™ are not only offering techniques and processes to raise consciousness and heal physiologies to the highest levels of Angelic Reformation™, they want to concretize practical help and support in the physical realm as well.

The board of directors of CMA International Foundation feel this practical support has to be vertically integrated from the spiritual levels down through to the physical levels where the individual needs basic survival assistance as well as spiritual healing and consciousness development.

Integrating this practical, essential piece of basic help to others will add a new level of wholeness to our family’s spiritual development.

There will be ten branches, or finger organizations, of the two loving hands of the Divine Mother Foundation to practically help the Divine women and mothers of the world.

There will be five fully-vetted, not-for-profit finger organizations devoted to strengthening different aspects of the Divine feminine in the physical and emotional realms and five not-for-profit finger organizations devoted to consciousness-raising and spiritual advancement of all the mothers of the world.

Of the ten international organizations to receive direct funding from the Divine Mother Foundation, some will be orphanages, schools, clinics, and shelters from around the globe.

The Divine Mother Foundation will initially be managed by a diverse board of some thirty extremely competent and accomplished professional women.

Initially, the DMF will be structured and overseen by a supervisory board appointed by the board of directors.

The DMF supervisory and management boards collectively will have the arduous task and responsibility of locating, vetting, and doing extensive due diligence research on each of the ten finger organizations the Divine Mother Foundation will be supporting through generous financial grants.

One of the DMF’s founding tenets will be to ensure, as closely as possible, that 100% of its donor funding goes directly to these other not-for-profit charities and foundations.

The Divine Mother Foundation will act as a parent foundation and aggregator of other existing, fully-vetted nonprofits established to help women in all walks of life.

Its fundamental goal is to help women in need all over the world.

Sun and wings above globe
Divine Mother Foundation

Why the Divine Mother Foundation now?

It seems there has never been a larger global need for compassion, unity, forgiveness, prosperity, abundance, and unbounded, unconditional love and all the precious qualities of the Divine and blessed mother to flourish.

Our current world family is so divided at the moment.

The founding fathers and mothers of the Divine Mother Foundation want to immediately set up the initial conditions to help Natural Law profoundly heal and contribute to the cohesive, undivided wholeness of our world family.

Through the inception of the Divine Mother Foundation, this unmistakable wave of unconditional love has begun and is gloriously starting to be infused into world consciousness. It will serve to heal the cracks and the brokenness of our world starting with the repair of individuals and addressing their immediate needs.

The Divine Mother Foundation is meant to be the practical aspect of CMA International Foundation and it is being constructed on the physical, mental, and spiritual fundamentals that we are all learning from the Master Angels™ and their processes of Angelic Reformation™ of the individual and humanity as a whole.

We are looking forward to embarking on this beautiful spiritual journey and to having Heavenly Mountain be the heavenly host home to yet another Divine organization furthering consciousness development and Angelic Reformation™ for the planet.

Our Divine mother is returning home to our precious world family.

It is time for tremendous gratitude and celebration.

Thank you.